WHAT is petite yogis™?

Petite Yogis offers yoga inspired fitness and fun for kids including yoga poses, sequences, games, activities, partner work and music. Infusing core work, Pilates, strength, balance, flexibility, physioballs and much more, Petite Yogis combines an imaginative and animated way for kids all the way up to teens, to get moving and feel good about themselves.

In the program, children of all ages learn to explore the mind and body in a fun-filled way through animation, movement and balance. The use of basic stretching poses infused with core training techniques promote flexibility, strength and coordination. Breathing and relaxation exercises teach children how to concentrate and develop sell-control. The class helps children, whose bodies are still developing, release energy in a creative, safe environment.

The Petite Yogis class is a fun-filled, energetic approach to yoga that helps stimulate imagination, boost confidence and self-esteem and also promotes inner-strength, in both mind and body.

Classes are adapted to age group. Boys and girls are welcome.