Our mission is to get kids riding their bikes for FUN, recreation, fitness, competition, health, and hopefully for life.

• Designed to be FUN
• Ride planned course
• Calculated time/distance
• 100% free from traffic
• Cycling followed by Petite Yogis™
• Yoga inspired stretching & strengthening specific to biking
• Games, music, lessons, etc.
• Petite Yogis™ portion in shaded area
• Relaxation portion concludes class

Biking can be just as much of an option for kids when selecting sports as any other traditional choice. Biking can also be a great supplement to whatever sport or activity they are already committed to. There aren't many views like the ones experienced while riding a bike, and Petite Pedals wants to share that experience with your child. Petite pedals teaches biking safety etiquette, the calculation of miles, speed, and distance and how to properly care for bikes and parts. We’ll even change tires together!

We provide opportunities to ride in a group setting on closed courses or scenic routes making each experience interesting, and challenging while involving our families & community. This new life experience can be enjoyed on recreational or competitive levels. Petite Pedals will bring inspiring and informative guest speakers to your kids. Petite Pedals is determined to make a difference in our community. We pledge to use a portion of registration fees to provide bikes and helmets to local children who couldn’t otherwise afford them. Petite Pedal’s goal is to address the needs of children with bicycle related injuries.


• 100% FENCED

CHECKLIST: what to bring!


_ Desire to Have Fun & Be Ready to Ride!

_ Helmet (no exceptions)
_ Bicycle (properly fitting- if you're not sure contact us)
_ Appropriate closed-toe athletic shoes extra water
_ REMOVE the training wheels! For Good! (leave at home)
_ REMOVE the pedals
_BRING the pedals
_Extra Water
_Keep Sunscreen application away from eyes!

_ Sunglasses
_ Hat
_ Towel

Children must wear a properly fitted helmet to participate. If you’re not
sure of the proper fit, we’ll check for you upon arrival. Your child must
also be fitted properly to their bicycle. Please contact us ahead of time if
you're unsure. We are here to help!

Even though it’s early, the sun may be strong. We recommend putting
sport or waterproof sunscreen on prior to arrival. Avoid putting
sunscreen near and even right above the eyes as it can drip and really

Upon arrival please check in. You will be directed to their personal
basket & highway! You can leave pedals, water & your child's personal
items there to ensure nothing is lost!

Once our workshop has concluded each participant will enjoy a freshly juiced & frozen organic fruit pop. Make sure your Petite Pedaler is adequately hydrated prior to the
morning of. Be sure they use the bathroom prior to the start of our class
whenever possible. This really is important as the bathroom can distract
and take many minutes away from an amazing class!